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What Age Should You Start Saving for Retirement in Mississippi?

Saving up for your future is more difficult than ever with workers saving later and later into their careers. In fact, many financial groups estimate that a 401K will not be enough for retirement in only a couple of decades. Young workers in Mississippi today will find that relying on only a 401K will not be enough. A great way to avoid not having enough to comfortably retire at an appropriate age is to save earlier and separate from your 401K.

However, what is the right age for you to start saving towards retirement? While the exact age varies between professionals and groups, most will agree the range is between 20 to 25. It is during this time that individuals can typically save up the most as it is around the age most people get a career job post-college. It is best to begin your planning and saving for retirement as soon as possible, so there is no such thing as beginning to save too early.

How to Save Up

The best way to save up for retirement is to live within your means. Instead of placing something on your credit card because you want it, you must ask if it’s necessary. By avoiding random purchases and sticking to a spending limit, you can better protect your finances and begin saving. The most convenient ways to save include managing a savings account and a 401K.

If you are in Mississippi, you can open an account at the age of 18 but there can be differences in saving accounts. You can begin to save at 18 but may not have access to a savings account until 19. Then, all you have to do is simply transfer funds from your checking to savings. You can also begin considering small investments in the stock market with some of your savings.

Take Advantage of Your 401K

Many jobs provide workers with the option of a 401K. Growing a 401K from a young age can be a massive benefit. In the past, many retirees relied solely on their 401K accounts post-retirement. However, many financial analysts argue they are not as secure as they once were. Nowadays, being more active in your 401K and investments can maximize your gains. For example, if your employer matches contributions, then it may be more beneficial to allocate more of your paycheck to your 401K.

Consider Investments and Diversification

Building and growing an investment portfolio is another great way to save up. While not as safe as just investing in a 401K, you can make much more through wise investments of your own funds. Portfolios should be diverse and work for individuals. There are two ways of going about this. You can either handle all your information and investments yourself or work with a financial group to manage your investments. You should also never rely solely on one investment or stock. Diversification can protect your investments from shifts in the market.


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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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