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3 Ways to Get a Healthy Mindset with Money

The average person has negative thoughts when it comes to money matters. We immediately think about where our money is going, how we don't have enough, and how we wish that we had more.

We all want what we can’t have, but it's healthier to focus on what we do have already and what we can afford.

But there are many ways to create a healthy relationship with your money that doesn't have to cause you stress. Here are the best ways to give yourself a healthier mindset when it comes to your finances.

Know What You Have

The most important thing that comes along with managing your money is to know how much you actually have. This will eliminate a huge amount of stress.

List the total amount for your bills, grocery shopping, gas, and other expenses that you might have. Sit down and write out where your money is going. By doing this, you eliminate the surprise of how much you are actually spending each month on expenses alone.

Once you see your monthly totals, notice how much you have extra. That money's all for you!

If you find yourself constantly spending it on coffee, lunch, and snacks, try to limit the spending on the non-necessities, and use that money to do something fun that you’ve always wanted to do.

Take a cooking class, go to the movies, or even a trip to a winery. At the end of the day, we all work hard and we deserve to spend our money on things other than bills. Keep money aside to use on things that keep your spirits up.


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Many of us have friends and family that have more money than us, or are a little more “well off”. It can get upsetting at times to feel like you are the only one struggling. Sometimes, we need to appreciate what we have, even if it's not everything we want.

Try to volunteer at your local food shelter on your day off. By offering a helping hand to the homeless, you can see how a small amount can go a long way. You don't even have to spend money if you don't have it.

Just offer your services in the dining area. In doing this, you will see that happiness does not always have to come from money. You may even feel a little more grateful for what you do have, even if you are struggling.


If you are up to your neck in bills and feel that you just cannot catch up, you might want to look into title loan companies. Obviously, you'll have another payment, but doing this can get you back on track. You can use the loan money to pay off some of your credit card bills, outstanding payments, etc.


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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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