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How To Choose Realistic New Year Financial Goals You Can Really Achieve

Studies have shown that about 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. With these sobering statistics, it might not seem worth your time to set new year financial goals in the first place. Although it’s true that many New Year’s goals fail, you should still set goals, especially as they pertain to your finances.

You should have a strategy for setting new year financial goals that you can actually keep and reach. Obviously, this is easier said than done, or else everyone would set and achieve their financial goals and have a stable financial situation.

But with the right tips, you can start setting those achievable financial goals to actually you’re your finances in the new year. Here is how to set new year financial goals that you can actually achieve. With the right mindset and technique, your New Year’s goals will seem much more attainable.

5 Tips To Set Achievable New Year Financial Goals

Whenever you are setting any kind of goal, financial goals included, you need to approach the goal with SMART principles. SMART is an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. When your goals meet all of these criteria, they are much more likely to be achieved. Here is how to set goals that meet each one of these principles.

1. Make Your Goals Specific

When it comes to new year financial goals, your goal cannot be vague or too open-ended. Instead, it needs to be specific so that you have something explicit to work towards. For example, the goal “save more money” is way too vague, but the goal “Save $5000” is specific because it tells you exactly how much you want to save.

2. Make Your Goals Measurable

Your new year financial goals need to be measurable as well. By making your goals measurable, not only are they more specific, but it’s easier to track whether or not you are meeting your goals. If you can’t track your progress, there’s no way to know what you need to change or improve about your habits.

Luckily, financial goals are easy to make measurable since they deal with numbers to begin with. If your goal is to save $5000, the measurable aspect would be “save $416 every month or about $105 every week.” In other words, just break down the goal into meaningful chunks.

3. Make Your Goals Achievable

When you’re setting any sort of new year financial goals, you want the goals to be within your means of possibility. Many people make the mistake of setting goals that are very lofty and next to impossible for them to actually achieve. So, ensure that your goals are achievable.

It’s ultimately your job to figure out what is within your realm of reason to achieve financially this year. If you live paycheck to paycheck, the goal to save $1 million is completely unrealistic. However, the goal to save 20% per paycheck is much more achievable.

4. Make Your Goals Relevant

When your new year financial goals are not relevant to your current life, it might be difficult to create a plan or find the motivation to achieve these goals. Ensure that your financial goals are relevant by thoroughly assessing your current financial state and figuring out what you want to change.

As the year goes on, reassess your goals to see if they are still relevant. Sometimes, goals that were relevant at the beginning of the year are not relevant by the end. Changing your goals is not a problem, but chasing the wrong goal is.

5. Make Your Goals Time-Bound

Whenever a goal is time-bound, you are much more likely to achieve it because the active steps seem more pressing. Set new year financial goals that are time-bound. Short-term goals may be bound by a week or a month, but long-term goals may be bound by a year or five years.

It may be helpful to attach the time frame to the specific goal. For example, “Save $5000” is not time-bound, but the goal “Save $5000 by 2023” is. The more time-specific your goal is, the more important – and rewarding – it would be to achieve it.


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Set Your Financial Goals To Start The New Year Right

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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