Get in the Green with a Budgeted Saint Patrick's Day Party

Every year, people around the globe celebrate March 17th as St. Patrick's Day. If paper shamrocks are springing up in the windows of offices, storefronts, and restaurants near you, you know that it's just around the corner. But heading out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day may end up costing you more than you realize at first glance.

A report by The National Retail Federation estimated that Americans will spend around $4.7 billion this year. If your paycheck is still a week away, you might be considering, Where can I find payday loans near me?" to cover the cost of partying it up, but you don't need to spend too much green on your celebrating. Check out these easy tips so you don't blow your whole a pot of gold this St. Patrick's Day.

When and Where

St. Patrick's Day itself is a great day to celebrate, but just because it falls on the weekend this year doesn't mean you can't celebrate at work. Whether you're your own boss or part of a staff, large or small, why not float the idea of an office-friendly, green-themed St. Patrick's Day Potluck? If everyone contributes, celebrating holidays together promotes communication and improves job satisfaction. With a bit of teamwork, a little planning, and a festive e-vite, you and your co-workers can make your lunch hour a little greener this St. Patrick's Day. You may even end up starting a new office tradition!

And who says the fun has to stop there? If you love St. Patrick's Day but hate the cost of the bars, why not skip going out and invite some friends over for a night of drinks, food, and fun at your place? If you have the space to host, buying food and drink from the grocery store will cost substantially less than pub and bar prices. You can also push your St. Patrick's Day celebration to the weekend after to take advantage of post-St. Patrick's-Day sales on everything from decorations to festive beads and other accessories. St. Patrick's Day only comes once a year, so look for little ways to spend less today so you can save more for tomorrow.


Staying in instead of bar-hopping and shopping for party supplies after St. Patrick's Day are probably two of the biggest money-savers on this list, but perhaps you have more of what you need than you realize. Adding a little extra green to your party shouldn't put your finances into the red. Save money by dusting off pieces from St. Patrick's Days past or by reaching out to friends to see what kinds of decorations they might have stored away. If all else fails, buy some balloons and streamers from your local Dollar Tree or Walmart for more comfortable prices.

Food and Drinks

A payday loan may help you if unexpected expenses come up, but close friends share and share alike. When you and your crew go out, chances are you're splitting the tab, and if more people chip in, everyone pays less. If they're going to be sharing in your festivities at home, why not ask them to share some of the financial burden too? Food and drink are cheaper at the grocery store than at the bar, and the best part is, you can pick out the menu.

Hosting a BYOB party this St. Patrick's Day can give your get-together some added variety, which means everyone is almost guaranteed to find something to eat and drink that they'll enjoy - and the best part is, you save money while having fun with your friends. A few traditional Irish dishes or some of your friend's favorite dishes make for an awesome evening, and a few drops of food coloring is an inexpensive way to make your selections all the more festive.


Looking for a big way of celebrating St. Patty's Day this year? You don't need to hop a plane to Ireland to feel the luck of the Irish in your community. Thousands of towns and cities all over the world host their own St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Most are low-cost or free events, so check your local event calendar to see if there's a parade or local festival in a town or city near you.