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Skip The Holiday Travel And Enjoy These 5 Staycation Ideas

2020 has been a year of colossal change. The Coronavirus pandemic has created a new 'normal,' affecting almost every aspect of life as we've known it. We're seeing a transformational shift towards working from home, keeping our social circles small, and, perhaps most excitingly, opting for staycations rather than vacations.

Since we're now smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season, check out these 5 staycation ideas that you and your loved ones can opt for over the holidays. Stay safe!

1. Play Tourist In Your Hometown

Driving around the city you call home and exploring the different neighborhoods and districts can be a refreshing experience. Make yourself a playlist with your favorite tunes, fill your car up with gas, and you're set for your budget-friendly, socially distanced date with your city.

There's no denying how busy and hectic life was before the pandemic. Surely there are tourist sites, museums, and other cool spots that you may have wanted to visit before but never found the time to. If there are, now's your time!

2. Host A World Cuisine Night

There are few things more enjoyable than sharing a hearty meal with your loved ones. Why not host a world cuisine night? Have your friends come over, and ask each of them to bring a home-cooked meal from a different part of the world.

3. Have A Film Marathon

Another great staycation idea is to have a film marathon. You can either opt for a range of movies from different genres or go for a series with multiple films, like Harry Potter. Just don't forget to stock up on popcorn!


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4. Have A Picnic

Got a blanket to lay on, a basket to fill up with your favorite goodies, and a friend to keep you company? Because that's pretty much all you need for this budget-friendly staycation option. Go to your favorite park and picnic. Or, if you'd prefer a more secluded spot, drive out of the city and find a spot where you'll have your own privacy.

5. Take A Road Trip

Finally, one of the most popular options people tend to go for when it comes to staycations is taking a road trip. This is probably the safest option in terms of keeping your distance from other people and exerting precautions for the pandemic.

Again, all you need is a playlist with your favorite tunes and a full tank of gas and you're set!


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Emergencies Ruining Your Staycation? Turn To Title Loans

Need a few extra bucks to help with an emergency that is threatening your staycation? The quickest and easiest way to get your hands on quick cash is by taking out a title loan. Title loans are short-term loans wherein borrowers use their car title as collateral in exchange for a loan amount.

They're a great option for people facing financial circumstances requiring immediate cash, such as medical bills, unexpected travel costs, or vehicle repairs.

Benefits Of Taking Out A Title Loan

Quick Access To Cash

One of the biggest advantages of taking out a title loan is the quick processing time. Typically, borrowers receive their car title loan within 1-2 business days of applying for it. In our case, we offer an online form to start the process right from your home.

Fewer Requirements Than Traditional Loans

Compared to traditional loans, you don't need much to be eligible for a title loan. All you need is a vehicle, a valid ID or driver’s license, and the vehicle’s title that is in your name only and free of prior loans or liens. You also need to be above 18 years old to be eligible.

Bad Credit Won’t Hurt Your Chances

Unlike other traditional loans, your credit score won’t be the reason you may not be approved for the loan. Whether you've got great credit, bad credit, or no credit at all, you're still eligible for a title loan. We aren't bothered about your credit history, so this isn't something you need to worry about.

Keep Driving Your Car

When you get an auto title loan, all you will need to surrender to us is your car title. So you can keep driving your car! Even better, you can use any vehicle for this kind of loan. So if you may not own a car but happen to own a motorcycle, RV, SUV, truck, or so on, you can still put that title up as collateral.

How To Take Out A Title Loan

Taking out a title loan is a simple, no-frills process, which is why it's a popular option for many people in need of quick cash. Here is a step-by-step guide on our process:

  1. Find our Mississippi Title Loans website for the online form. You can do this with a simple Google search of ' title loans near me ' in Mississippi, and we will pop up;
  2. Once you’ve filled out our online form, you will receive a phone call from one of our loan representatives. During the call, you can give the loan representative a location and they will come meet you if you do not want to come to the store;
  3. Whether you come to us and we come to you, you still have to show us your ID and title. We will also still conduct a quick inspection of your vehicle; this helps us determine how much you can qualify for;
  4. At your meeting, discuss the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. Once your lender and you have reached an agreement, you're set! All that's left to do is wait for your loan to be approved, which won't take very long. After that, the money is either handed to you – if you come to the store – or transferred to you the next bank business day – if we come to you.

When it comes to the holidays this year, having a staycation could be just as fun as a big celebration. Take a shot with one of these fun ideas and have a stress-free holiday!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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