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The Best Road Trip Destinations

Road trips are the definition of freedom. There is nothing like getting in a car and driving where you see fit, no strings attached, and no worries and if possible, no cell phone reception.

Time is not always on our side, and we may need a few resources before packing and leaving alone or with friends.

The Best Road Trip Stops You Have To Make

One of the best ways to get it right is planning your road trip destinations and the logistics you will need to have a great vacation, to relax, and enjoy a good time. So, where should you go? These five stops will give you a very memorable road trip.

  • Pacific Coast Highway
  • Route 66
  • Highway 101
  • Canada-Alaska Highway
  • Overseas Highway

Pacific Coast Highway

This might be probably one of the most beautiful places to visit during a road trip. The view is simply breathtaking and it stands as proof of what good engineering can do. The best way to drive on this road is in a convertible. It is beautiful in every car, but it’s definitely better when you can fully savor the view. The road from San Francisco to Los Angeles is iconic and it would be a shame if you were to avoid it.

Route 66

This route is familiar even for foreigners. Everyone heard its name in a song, saw it in a movie, or wrote it down on some wish list for places to visit. This route implies the kind of road trip you would take with your family or with close friends. From Texas border to St. Louis you will find the most scenic views and… probably the best ribs. Make sure to turn on the radio, or even better, put on some rock songs, they are always fit for this road.

Highway 101

I know that I mentioned a convertible before, but I must do it again. Start from the seaside and go up to Brookings in Oregon. This is a seven hour drive that will make your heart rate rise and your eye wander.

If you want to enjoy this road trip, make sure to stop often to take in the view, or even stop for a night or two. You can enjoy a hike to the largest Eucalyptus tree or sunbathe on the beach.

Canada-Alaska Highway

If you are suffocating in thoughts, the smell of gas emissions and in crowds of people, you need to take a long road trip to clear your mind and shake off that tension that has been building up for way too long.

One of the best ways to do it is to go north. No, this is not a reference to Game of Thrones. The Canada-Alaska Highway is all the therapy you need. It can take you up to five days to complete this journey, but the things you’ll see and the experiences you will have are going to transform into the memories that you will cherish most.

This is the kind of road trip that best suits a van. Not necessarily a Scooby van, more like an RV filled with goofy friends. So…kind of like a Scooby van but better.

Overseas Highway

Long road trips are a great way to clear your head and to spend quality time with your friends. This doesn’t mean that a short trip hasn’t much to offer. In fact, it could give you more options and more time to spend on more important things.

The Overseas Highway is the ideal romantic road trip. You will get to drive over water, in little traffic, with only the sound of the waves and of the seagulls humming above you. Key West, your destination, represents what is best of Florida, minus the fuss. So, if you are looking for smooth sand, sun, warmth and waves, this should be the direction of your road trip. If you want to impress a date, this road trip is a must.


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Plan Your Next Best Road Trip To Unwind

Road trips are the kind of thing that you do when you want to go back to your roots. We all went on such adventures with our families, when we were young, and if we didn’t, we always dreamt about it. The best part about being a grown up is that you can do things that make you happy, and a good old road trip might be the best place to start.

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