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Top 5 Budget Breakers That Hinder Your Financial Success

Budgeting seems to be becoming more of a hot trend these days. Which we wholeheartedly approve of! Learning how to budget is definitely the first step in taking full control of your finances and building a successful secure future.

Avoid These Top 5 Budget Breakers

But it can be hard to stick to the budget, especially for those who’ve just started budgeting. Our advice? Start with the small steps. Everything else comes after. You should definitely start by avoiding these budget breakers.

Eating Out

Let’s make one thing clear – there’s nothing wrong with eating out every once in a while! It is, in fact, one of the best social experiences one can have with their friends. What is wrong, and a big budget breaker for most, is the tendency to eat out day after day for no other reason but forgetting – or feeling too lazy – to pack your lunch.

This is the kind of eating out you should avoid. The one that makes you spend money even when you don’t particularly want to, you just have no other option for lunch.

Food Deliveries

Ditto on food deliveries. Look, I get it, after a hard day’s work it’s often impossible to build up enough energy to make yourself dinner. Especially the kind of dinner your favorite restaurant offers – all full of aromas and tastes that are tried and true. The ones you know will bring emotional satisfaction along with quelling hunger.

But there are ways around that! Meal-prepping being first on the list. When you already have dinner ready in the fridge – deliveries don’t feel so tantalizing.

Online Shopping

Okay, it’s not online shopping you should avoid, per se. I would never advise something so impractical and let’s be real, unrealistic. But the aimless scrolling shopping. Do your online shopping in the vein your grandma does her in-store one. Make a list of what it is you need, and buy exactly that – nothing more. No aimless scrolling. No “I’ll just check it out”. That’s the way most of us buy a lot of junk we don’t need.

Falling For Sales

Another way to make us buy a lot of junk that will just lay around the house without ever being used? Put it on sale.

We’ve all fallen for this one. We bought something because it was at 50% - or, better yet, 70% - discount and used it maybe once or twice at best.


We all know Starbucks – and most of its competition – is overpriced. So why do we keep falling for it?

At the very least if you can’t give it up – budget it in. Maybe the numbers will be enough to make you cut down on it.


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How To Mitigate Budget Breaks From Emergencies

If you need to make an unplanned purchase you haven’t budgeted for – like medical bills, home repairs, or unemployment, getting a car title loan might be your best option for quickly acquiring the cash.

What Are The Benefits Of Acquiring Car Title Loans?

Getting title loans come with many benefits. First, you get to keep your vehicle! We are using your car’s title as collateral; not the car itself. As long as you pay the loan back on the schedule we come up with, you can keep your vehicle. Another benefit is how quickly you can get the cash. If you are approved, you can either get the money the same day or the very next bank business day.

Another benefit is how simple our title loan process is. In fact, it’s so simple we offer you two ways of going through it!

How Do I Get A Title Loan?

Taking out a title loan is a quick and easy procedure. As mentioned above it usually takes less than an hour to get approved. We actually offer you two ways of going through the process; either you come to one of our stores or you give us a location and we’ll come to you!

Whichever you choose, they both start the same way. Just go to our website and fill out our online form right on our homepage. After we receive your form, a loan representative will give you a call to walk you through the rest of the process. This is also where you can give the rep your location and they will come meet you – if that is what you choose. Of course you can always come to one of our title loan places all over Mississippi.

Whether we come to you or you come to us, we will still check your mandatory items. Those items are your ID or driver’s license, your vehicle’s title, and your vehicle. We will conduct a quick vehicle inspection as well, in order to determine how much you qualify for. Once we check your items and review everything, we will let you know if you’ve been approved. If you are approved, you can sign the loan agreement. Once everything is signed, you will either be given the money right that day or the very next bank business day.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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