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What Are The Benefits Of Maintaining Your Vehicle?

It’s not enough to just own a car, you have to take care of it. Those who maintain their vehicle help it to run more efficiently, travel more safely, earn more for a future resell, and retain the option to get a hefty title loan if needed from Mississippi Title Loans.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of maintaining your vehicle, and how a Mississippi Title Loan may help you in the future.

Why You Should Take Care Of Your Car

It Helps It Run Better

If you’re like most Americans, you’re keeping your car longer. The typical car in the U.S. is older than ever — 11.5 years old, according to an IHS Automotive survey. Another recent trend: The average length of car ownership has increased 60% over the past 10 years.

That means proper maintenance is more important than ever. A routine check-up for your car helps keep it running as it should at any age. Proper maintenance provides regular tune-ups to your engines, which generally decrease in power as a car ages.

Engine trouble is cited by consumers as one of the top reasons why repairs are done on their car – it also can be a costly fix. With regular maintenance, this can be avoided.

It Increases Fuel Efficiency

One thing that also decreases as a car gets older — fuel efficiency. Fuel systems become dirty and air filters clogged over years of driving, especially during long commutes. Regular car maintenance cleans fuel systems and replaces filters, going a long way to keeping them running better and longer.

You’ll Be Safer

Electrical failures aren’t just a pain in the neck — they could put their life at risk. Car maintenance also covers all the extra safety features that come standard in many cars today: backup cameras, distance sensors, auto brakes, and shut-offs. But also traditional safety measures can be impacted by a car that’s not taken care of regularly, including airbags and turn signals.

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You Can Keep A Warranty

If you purchase a car warranty, most have stipulations that link coverage to required, regular maintenance. If you don’t maintain your vehicle, your warranty could vanish.

You Get More For A Trade-In

When it’s time to move on to another car, trading in your vehicle while purchasing a new one or selling it independently helps a great deal with purchasing power. To get the most for your car, it literally pays to have it maintained. Many buyers will ask for a maintenance record before agreeing to a purchase.

It Saves You Money

According to a survey by the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average unexpected car repair can run between $500-$600, and 1 in 3 Americans can’t afford that repair without going into debt.

Regular car maintenance is relatively inexpensive and can prevent these disruptive repairs from draining or finances or your savings.

Compare that hefty expense to regular maintenance fees. An oil and filter change will run you about $20 to $100, and a tire rotation is about $20-$50. Multipoint inspections vary but are in the $50 range typically. Add up that cost and compare it to an emergency and it's a clear showcase of the benefits of maintaining your vehicle.


vehicle maintenance with the help of title loans


Another One Of The Big Benefits Of Maintaining Your Vehicle

Your car is one of your most important assets and keeping it maintained not only saves you money but can put fast cash in your pocket if you’re in a jam. How? One of the benefits of maintaining your vehicle is a great way to cash in on vehicle title loans from Mississippi Title Loans.

What Are Vehicle Title Loans?

With vehicle title loans, your car’s title helps you receive a short-term loan, particularly helpful in cases of emergencies or unexpected repairs such as car issues, medical care, or necessary, last-minute travel.

And you don’t have to have good credit – or even any credit – to qualify. All you need is a lien-free title to your vehicle to use as collateral, a driver’s license or other state-issued identification, and your vehicle available for inspection. Soon, up to $2,500 in cash could possibly be yours at Mississippi Title Loans.

How Vehicle Title Loans Work

Getting vehicle title loans is fast and easy and doesn’t even require a store visit; our loan representatives can come to you if you’d prefer. A loan can possibly be yours without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Just follow our guide below:

  1. Either fill out an online form on our website or contact any of the company’s stores via phone to start the process. If you fill out the online form, a representative will call you immediately to give you further instructions.
  2. After verifying information with the store representative, there will be a review of the required items. Either have a representative will meet you at a location of your choice or you’ll drive to one of several vehicle title loans locations.
  3. A brief inspection of your vehicle will be conducted to figure out how much of a loan you are eligible to receive. The loan representative will then look over your other items and determine if you qualify for approval.
  4. If the vehicle title loans representative determines you do qualify for approval, they will then sit you down to go over the title loan terms. They will answer your questions and make sure you understand everything. Once you agree and finish the paperwork, you will get the cash right there.

Maintain Your Vehicle And Check Out Vehicle Title Loans

Your safety and your car’s health are in your hands by making regular car maintenance a priority. But those are just two of the benefits of maintaining your vehicle. And when you’re in a tough financial situation, keeping your car in good condition will give you the option of securing a quick title loan from Mississippi Title Loans whenever you’re in need. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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