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The 10 Basic Life Skills You Should Definitely Know

There are basic life skills that everyone should know. From things like making minor repairs around the house to cooking a meal, these are things you should know to be well-rounded. And for emergency situations, learn about online title loans.

Basic Skills You Should Take The Time To Learn

Here are 10 basic life skills you should know. And we promise, if you're missing out on some of the skills on this list, all of them are easy and quick to learn.

1. Unclog A Sink Or A Toilet

There is nothing more terrifying than being in someone else's home, using their restroom, when the toilet becomes clogged.

There are too many questions that need to be asked, and too many assumptions to be made that you would fare much better to avoid this life-or-death situation altogether.

It is really as simple as knowing how to use a plunger or a sink snake to unclog any of the offending hair or gunk stuck to avoid a social situation that will haunt you for years.

2. Make A Bowl Of Pasta

Everyone should know how to cook... at least one dish.

We chose pasta because many of the components can be bought right from the store - the sauce, the meatballs, the garlic bread, etc. But the pasta itself is the one thing that will require your two hands to actually boil water (in a pot large enough to fit the pasta), insert your pasta, and wait for it to finish cooking based on the box's directions. That's it!

3. Check Your Car’s Oil

There will not always be a mechanic open or available to you when you drive. You might think changing a tire is difficult and avoid that equally important skill, but checking your oil is as simple as a car chore there is.

It simply involves opening your hood, locating your oil (there's a little picture to help you), and removing the dipstick to ensure there is still oil in your engine.

Driving without oil for long periods of time will break down your engine, so it's better to be safe than have to pay for a brand new engine.

4. Laundry

No matter where you go or where you're staying, laundry will always be the same. So knowing how to do a basic load, separating lights from darks, how to insert soap and dry sheets (these two go in separate machines), and how to press start, then you'll be able to do it regardless of where you find yourself.

Because there are few things worse than dirty or damp clothes.

5. Type On A Keyboard Effectively

Being able to type effectively will be a major time saver for any person - regardless if they work with computers or not. In whatever profession, there will at some point come a time to use a computer and type out something; whether it's a resume or a meeting's note sheet, you do not want to type with just your two index fingers at the keys.


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6. Make A Copy Of A Key

You never know when you'll need a backup key, but whenever you do receive a new key to a home or apartment, one of the first things you should do is make a copy of it.

It doesn't have to be several, as that can lead to many troubling scenarios, but just one back up key to save you in a time crunch or more serious emergencies.

7. Say Please And Thank You

This should go unsaid, but it's quite apparent when someone does not demonstrate the simplest of manners and etiquette. No matter who you are talking to or what position you are in life, there is always time in your day to simply say "please" and "thank you".

8. Read A Map

While no one enjoys reading a map, being lost is a far worse scenario. Learning just how to grasp a map, locate roads, highways, intersections, and major landmarks are all you'll really need to get started to being able to read a map.

9. Ask For Help

If you find yourself in a situation that requires help, even for just simple directions, do not be afraid to ask for help. Your pride may take a hit, but some moments will require immediate assistance, and you want to be sure you know how to when that time comes.

Of course, use your head and be safe with the people you ask.

10. Save Money

The last and perhaps the most important skill everyone should know is how to save money.

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When it comes to moving forward in life, you can’t unless you build on your skills. These are just some basic life skills everyone should know if their goal is to progress in their adult lives.

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