4 Perfect Proposal Ideas with the Help of an Installment Loan (Propose Day is March 20th)

Propose Day is March 20th and, in the age of viral videos and social media, there can be a lot of pressure when it comes to popping the question. The moment you ask your sweetheart to marry you will be one you both remember forever, and a story you’ll both probably be telling for rest of your lives. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your proposal is just as special and wonderful as your intended is to you.

It can be easy to let the pressure get to you, especially when you’re low on dough. But just because it’s a big day doesn’t mean big nerves have to follow. If you want to put a ring on it but you’re not sure where to start, find out how an installment loan can help you and make it a moment you and your spouse will always treasure with these four easy tips.

Make It Special

What kind of proposal would please your partner the most? You’re the person who knows them best, after all – would your intended like something heartfelt and intimate, or something public and over-the-top? This is probably the most critical aspect of planning the perfect proposal, and it’s also a great jumping-off point for your planning phase.

  • Take them by Surprise. Sneaking them the ring to discover is as sweet as it is romantic.
  • Relive a First as a Couple. You don’t have to spend a lot to recreate a special moment.
  • Plan a Getaway. Set the scene somewhere new, or somewhere that has meaning for you.
  • Pick the Perfect Backdrop. Take beautiful proposal pics in Mississippi’s natural splendor.

No two people are alike, so take the time to plan something as special and unique as the love you share. If you’re stuck and need a life line, phone a trusted friend or family member to help you brainstorm. Just be sure it’s someone you can really rely on to not spoil the surprise.

Be Yourself

Grand gestures might have a big impact in public and on social media, but is that really you? What you want is just as important as what your partner wants, so try to find a happy medium. Here are just a few ideas for a thoughtful proposal this March 20th:

  • What could be sweeter that proposing after dessert at the restaurant where you had your first dinner date?
  • If you’re artistically inclined, a banner or a handmade card makes for a great keepsake of your love.
  • A karaoke ballad could hit all the right notes and act as a great prelude to the big question.
  • Like cloud-watching together? A skywriting service can proclaim your love for the whole world to see.

Plan It Out

You don’t have to propose on the billboard in Time Square or at an LA Dodgers game to show your partner you’re ready to make a commitment. Just because love is spontaneous doesn’t mean that your proposal has to be. Putting in the time and effort to make a proposal game plan says more about how you will handle marriage and everything that comes with it. 

When it comes to your proposal, a little planning goes a long way. If you want your proposal to go off without a hitch, you want to make sure it’s been well-rehearsed and vetted for success. Don’t forget to make sure you catch it on video – having a recording will help you remember and share the magic moment forever.

Get Your Finances In Order

No matter how romantic your proposal is, it can’t make up for a lack of financial stability. You don’t want to throw all your money into an extravagant proposal and wedding only to end up living from paycheck to paycheck or out of your car. An installment loan might be a good way to consolidate your debt and get yourself back on even footing before you throw another person’s finances into the mix.

Sit down with your partner and talk about your financial needs as a couple before you tie the knot. If you or your partner are having jitters about your financial situation, make it a goal to pay down your respective debts before saying I do – that will serve as motivation to make a fresh start as you begin a new life together.