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Fun Halloween Jobs And Other Non-Scary Ways To Get Cash Today

Halloween isn’t just spooky fun and games. It’s the perfect time to make some good money while you’re having all that fun.

No matter where you live, Halloween jobs make it easy to get cash today as we head into the busy — and expensive — holiday season. And best of all, scares aren’t required.

8 Fantastic Ways To Get Cash During Halloween Season

1. Renting Out Your Home

Halloween jobs may not come easier — or more lucrative — than joining the millions renting out their homes, apartments, or even just their rooms to Halloween tourists visiting hotspots for the holidays.

If you live in a city with a wildly popular Halloween parade, near a traditionally spooky locale (Salem, Massachusetts, for example), or near a holiday amusement park attraction, this may be your best bet to get cash today.

2. Selling Halloween Crafts

Sure, some prefer store-made Halloween goods. Decorations and costumes are easy to find this time of year. Rising in popularity are any Halloween crafting fairs involving handmade holiday goods.

If you’re crafty, creative (and good with a sewing machine — or not), you can offer up everything from freaky décor to unique outfits that’ll keep people coming back for more.

3. Getting Behind The Wheel

There are many reasons why people are increasingly turning to such companies as Uber and Lyft for side hustles. They pay well and drivers can make their own schedules, picking up riders whenever they have time.

But what makes it one of the best Halloween jobs is that you can make very good cash over just one weekend — or one night. All of those partiers and bar-hoppers? They’ll need rides, and you can be there for them.

4. Planning Parties

Speaking of those partiers, many will need help, well, partying. Party planners and one of the most in-demand Halloween jobs as well, especially for those wanting to host a gathering that will stand out from the average Halloween event pack.

If you’re great at themes and planning memorable food and drinks to match, give this one a try.

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5. Carving Pumpkins

Yes, what you probably loved doing as a child (and adult) is now one of the many Halloween jobs to choose from. Those looking for bespoke pumpkins are looking for artists this season and you can fulfill their wildest gourd dreams.

Extra bonus points (and more cash) go to those who can offer offbeat pumpkin carvings depicting current events, pop-culture personalities, or popular TV shows and movies. Ever carve a pumpkin version of Spider-Man? Get practicing.

6. Working At A Park

Amusement parks across the country do big business during the Halloween season. Consider a part-time gig at a nearby park, where you can do everything from acting as a zombie during a special scary event or going more low-key by working in non-scary capacities, such as a park restaurant server.

7. Or Working At A Haunted House

It’s not quite the same as a Halloween-themed gig at a big amusement park, but it may be just as fun. Look for a haunted attraction close to you and see if they need paid actors, makeup artists, set designers, lighting experts, and more. Whatever your talent, there’s likely a job for you.

8. Cooking Some Treats

When you aren’t overdosing on candy during Halloween, you’re likely enjoying a holiday-themed baked good. Think spider cookies, ghost cupcakes, (fake) bloody finger sandwiches, and devil’s food cake galore.

Whether you sell your scary-delicious goods on your own or find a local shop to carry them during Halloween, you can bake your way to some great extra cash.

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