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9 Vacation Spots In Mississippi To See This Summer

Mississippi has soul. The Birthplace of America’s music is brimming with culture, Southern hospitality, and an eclectic art scene. Oh, and the food? Some of the best you’ll have. If you were thinking of taking your next vacation here, you have to check out these nine vacation spots in Mississippi. Head out this summer to check out these fantastic and enriching vacation spots.

You Have To Visit These 9 Vacation Spots In Mississippi

1. Oxford

Dubbed the Culture Mecca of the South, Oxford is home to the University of Mississippi; but it’s so much more than a college town. Blending the charm of a small town with a thriving and modern creative pulse, Oxford offers everything from a self-guided trail marking the area’s blues music legacy to hiking throughout Bailey’s Wood. You will instantly see why Oxford has inspired so many notable authors, including Mississippi native William Faulkner.

2. Dunn’s Falls

Dunn’s Falls is one of many vacation spots in Mississippi where the whole family can get back to nature. It features wildlife-packed nature trails, fishing, canoeing, and camping and cabin options. There’s even a water park to cool off in! But what you really must do is swim close to the namesake waterfall that’s still powering a grist mill dating to the 19th century.

3. Jackson, Mississippi

Mississippi’s capital is a microcosm of the state’s history. People and locations vital to the Civil Rights Movement are celebrated in the Mississippi Freedom Trail that runs through town. Jackson also has an acclaimed zoo and more than 300 restaurants, many specializing in comfort food that’s always done right in the South. At the Mississippi Museum of National Science, there’s a massive aquarium and a big fossil collection.

4. Gulf Islands National Seashore

Running 160 miles from Mississippi’s Cat Island to eastern Florida, the Gulf Islands National Seashore is replete with marshes, maritime forests, gorgeous beaches, and barrier islands of white sand. There’s a lot to do throughout the seashore’s 12 areas, including the easily accessible Davis Bayou.

5. B.B. King Museum And Delta Interpretive Center

The Mississippi Delta is the birthplace of Blues music, and the significance of the art form is explored in depth at this museum in Indianola. The life of the legendary King is explored as well, with the museum divided into significant eras, starting with the Delta in the 1930s.


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6. Biloxi

When it’s summer, you need vacation spots in Mississippi that make it easy to cool down. Biloxi’s Tchoutacabouffa River is a popular fishing spot, but it is also perfect for canoeing and kayaking. And, as a bonus, affordable rentals are available throughout the season. And every weekend from the end of May through the middle of October, the Biloxi Farmers Market features farm produce, food vendors, and live music.

7. Clarksdale

There are many options for vacation spots in Mississippi along the Magnolia State’s Blues Trail, but you should plan to stop in Clarksdale. Blues music and culture thrived in the small town starting in the 1920s. Today, the genre has a major presence here, with radio stations focusing on the thoroughly American music style. Stop by one of the town’s many blues bars for live music and snag tickets to the Sunflower River Blues Festival in August.

8. Mississippi Petrified Forest

All the history buffs will appreciate this. This forest in the aptly named town of Flora is a glimpse into the intriguing history of the region when it was once a gigantic ancient forest. The museum showcases how the plants evolved, as well as fossils of whales, a prehistoric camel, and even dinosaur footprints.

9. Deer Island

If solitude is at the top of your "vacation spots in Mississippi" wish list, head to Deer Island just outside of Biloxi yet a world away. The 400-acre island offers paddleboarding and kayaking and houses numerous endangered species. So you can really unplug and enjoy the outdoors here.

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Visit Mississippi For Your Next Vacation

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