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How to Use Your Car to Make Cash Fast

When you’re in a tight spot financially, you have to get creative. You need to look around at whatever you have around you and find ways of turning them into cash. Well, what do most people have from the get-go? Firstly, they’ve got extra time. Be honest with yourself! You know you have hours of your day that are wasted online or in front of a tv. Second, people have their cars. Combine both, and you could make the extra money that you need.

Make Your Vehicle Make Money For You

Here are five ways you can use your car to make cash fast!


These days, one of the easiest ways to make money using your car is by working for a rideshare service. You get to choose your hours, and all you’re doing is driving people around your city. That’s a great way to make quick cash during the free hours of your day, using a piece of equipment (i.e. your car) that you already own! It’s easy to get started, and you don’t have to buy anything new to do so.

Food Delivery

Just like ridesharing, we’ve seen a lot of new businesses that let you deliver food to people on your own time. Typically, this involves an app on your smartphone, which tells you where to pick the food up from, and where you deliver it. Of course, if you’re not looking to do it that way, you can always go old-school. Walk into your local pizzeria and ask them to let you deliver pizzas during whatever period of the day you’re available. Many pizza shops and other restaurants will see it as a win-win, seeing as how you’ll be using your vehicle to do the deliveries for them.


That is an idea that requires you to set your ego aside. If you can do that, then there’s some quick cash for you to make using your car. Sign up for a car advertising service, and turn your vehicle into a moving billboard! These companies will stick signs or stickers on your vehicle to advertise products and services. Usually, you’ll get paid based on how much you drive around the city, and how many people might potentially see the advertising on your car.

Rent It Off

If you’re not using your car all the time, you can make money by renting it out. Maybe you can rent it out to a friend or family member who needs a car to drive to work or around town. Or you could sign up for a car-sharing service where people can rent your car for as many hours as they need it. That’s excellent for making money using your vehicle that would have otherwise left unused in your driveway.

Get A Title Loan

If you’re in a tight spot and need quick cash for an emergency, you can also use your car to get a title loan. Emergencies like medical emergencies, home repairs, or sudden job loss can put you in a really tight spot. Getting a title loan is a great option for you. If you’ve never dealt with one before, let me explain what it is.


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What Is A Title Loan?

A title loan is one where you use your vehicle as collateral to secure the money that you’ll borrow. You’ll learn that these car title loans are incredibly helpful when you need cash the quickly.

Advantages Of Using Title Loans

Title loans offer you some significant benefits when compared to other kinds of loans. Here are just a few of them:

  • Our application process is quick and easy. We don’t make you go through hoops or have a laundry list of required items. All you have to bring in with you is your ID, your car title, and the car.
  • You also get approved quickly. You will know within a few minutes of you talking to us if you’ve been approved and how much you qualify for.
  • Credit won’t be an issue here. If you have bad credit you don’t have to worry about us turning you away.
  • You get to keep your vehicle. You are using your title as collateral; not the vehicle itself. As long as you keep up with the repayment schedule, you can keep your car.

How Do I Apply For A Title Loan?

Applying for title loans near me is as easy as 1-2-3. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Head over to our website and fill out the online form. After you submit the form, we will give you a call to walk you through the rest of the process. We offer you two ways of going about the rest of the process. We will either meet you at a location of your choice or you will come to one of our loan places closest to you.
  • You will then either head to the title loans location nearest you or we will come to your location. We will then go over your items and do a vehicle inspection to determine how much you qualify for.
  • You will then learn if you’ve been approved and for how much. If you agree with the loan terms, you will sign the agreement and – if you decide to come to us – will be handed your cash immediately. If you have us meet you then your money will be put into your account the very next bank business day.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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