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What Kind Of Questions Should You Ask About Title Loans?

When it comes to local title loans, there are certain questions you have to ask before you sign the papers and walk out of our store. We have knowledgeable loan representatives standing by ready to sit down with you and answer any of your questions. Just like anything else, you should not fill out any papers or sign any agreement before knowing the facts. That would just be crazy. From knowing exactly what a title loan is to how you should be using it, these are some questions you have to make sure you understand fully when you sit down with us.

Questions You Should Be Asking About Title Loans

What Is A Title Loan?

Before you consider any other question, the first thing you have to ask is “what is a title loan exactly?” Once you understand that then you can ask some other relevant questions. To put it simply, a title loan is loan money you receive when you give us your vehicle’s title as collateral. With this loan you could qualify for anything up to $2,500 to help you out when you truly need it. While this isn’t designed to be a permanent fix to your finances or a way to eliminate debt, this can help when you are going through an unexpected situation that needs your immediate attention and action. Plus, getting one in Mississippi is easy.

How Do I Get A Mississippi Title Loan?

The next question you should ask is “how can I get a title loan in Mississippi?” We actually offer you two ways to get a title loan. The first method begins by you filling out an online form with your basic information. After it is submitted you will receive a phone call from one of our loan representatives who will tell you the next steps and the necessary items you must bring in with you. After the phone call, you can make your way to Mississippi Title Loans to find out if you are approved, check your items, finish some paperwork, and have a vehicle inspection completed to figure out how much you qualify for.

The next method requires you to call us and get the application started over the phone. Then, once the application is finished, you can tell the loan representative where they can meet you and never even have to step foot into one of our stores. Once the loan representative arrives at the location you choose, you will still have to be approved, your items checked, finish some paperwork, and have your vehicle inspected. If you choose the first method you’ll get your money within a few minutes – 30 or less, to be exact – after you’ve been approved and everything signed. With the second method, you’ll get your money the next bank business day.

What Necessary Items Do I Have To Bring In With Me?

When it comes to either one of our title loan approval processes, the necessary items you have to have with you are the same. We don’t require you to bring in complicated paperwork or anything crazy like that. And the items are more than likely items you travel with all the time, so it really isn’t hard to remember to bring them in. The three necessary items you have to bring in are:

  • Your driver’s license or the state-issued photo ID that states you are 18 or older.
  • Your vehicle’s title that is free of prior loans and in your name.
  • Your vehicle for a quick inspection to help us determine how much you qualify for.

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Do I Have To Have Good Credit In Order To Qualify?

Another question you may have is if you can still qualify if you have bad credit. The answer? Yes, you can. Your credit – whether good or bad – does not affect your ability to apply and be approved. There are factors that determine whether you are approved or not, but you do not have to worry about poor credit history is one of those factors. With other traditional loans from banks or other lenders, your poor credit may be a stopping block when it comes to being approved. Things are different at Mississippi Title Loans because we will not turn you away.

Can I Keep My Vehicle While I Repay The Loan?

Something else you’re probably asking yourself is “can I keep my car while I repay this loan?” And, again, the answer is yes. With this vehicle title loan, you are using your vehicle’s title as collateral – not your vehicle. So you can go about your regular life and use your vehicle whenever and however you see fit. As long as you are able to stick to the loan repayment schedule, you should be free to keep your car and use it how you want.

What Can I Use My Title Cash For?

A big question you most definitely should ask is “how can I use my title cash?” As I said, you shouldn’t use this loan as a way to pay off your debts or as a means of permanent financial relief – those aren’t the intended uses. This loan is designed to help with unexpected situations like medical emergencies, sudden home or auto repairs, or if you suddenly find yourself unemployed and unable to keep up with your necessary expenses. This loan is made to help you out with those kinds of unexpected emergencies that pop up when we can least handle them.


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Now That You’ve Asked The Questions, Get Started Today

Since you now know the questions you have to ask, you are ready to get started. The good news is we have title loan places all over Mississippi for you to choose from; or, as I said, if you’d prefer us to come to you then that can also be arranged. Our process is simple and quick but we still make sure we sit down with you and go over the terms thoroughly. Remember, you shouldn’t be signing anything or agreeing to any terms before you fully understand everything. So the next time you look to title loans, make sure to come ready with these questions.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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