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The Process For Completing Your Title Loan Payments

Once you've looked into Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. and decided a title loan will help you find financial stability, you still may be wondering about the title loan payments. 

The process for completing your title loan payments is as simple as getting the loans in the first place. You'll work out the terms with your loan specialist who will set you up with a payment plan. You can make payments at your nearest store location or by using the ePay portal on our website. 

Let's talk a little more about how to make payments on your title loan. Just keep reading to see how easy it is.

Completing Your Title Loan Payments

Just like with any other type of loan, you'll have a payment plan that allows you to make payments back to us on a monthly basis until your loan is paid off. 

Throughout this process, you'll retain your vehicle so you can continue to drive it. We loan you money against the value of your car and its title. However, we will hold your title until your title loan is repaid in full. Once it has the title will be returned to you.

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You don't have to have a checking account to qualify for a title loan with Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. But if you do, you can make payments on your loan through the website. We provide a secure portal to make payments safely and conveniently from wherever you are.

If you do not have a checking account, you can make payments at any of our store locations. 

Is There A Store Location Near Me?

No matter where you live in Mississippi, you're not far from a Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. store location. They are conveniently positioned throughout the entire state. 

We have 27 stores you can visit. Payments are accepted at any time during store open hours. No appointment is necessary. You can simply walk in and pay your bill with one of our helpful representatives.

How Long Do I Have To Pay Back My Loan?

The length of your title loan depends on your situation. Not everyone borrows the same amount. The more you borrow, the more time you'll be allotted, in some cases.

In Mississippi, you can borrow up to $2,500 on a title loan. The minimum you can apply for is $300. Just remember, you can't borrow more than your car is worth on a title loan.

What Are Title Loans For?

There's a lot to be said for financial stability. When you don't feel stable with your financial situation you often feel highly stressed. That's not a good situation for anyone. 

Title loans are useful for those times when you just can't stretch your money far enough to cover your unexpected expenses. You don't want to end up behind on your bills just because something pops up that you need to throw extra money at. 

That being said, remember that the intended purpose of title loans is to help in times of financial crisis when extra cash is needed. These loans can help you maintain financial stability. 

They're not meant for frivolous spending and unnecessary purchases.

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What If I Can't Make My Payment?

If you know you're not going to make your payment in full, you should contact us and speak to a representative. We are usually able to work with you in setting up a payment arrangement to help you if you need it. 

Do not skip a payment without communicating with us. We're here to help you and our friendly representatives will work with you to find a solution.

Does A Missed Payment Get Reported To The Credit Agencies?

We do not report to any credit agencies when you miss payments. While we want you to stick to your loan terms and agreement, we understand that life happens. As long as you communicate with us, we can usually figure something out.

Will You Take My Car If I Miss A Payment?

We are not looking to take your car. We simply want to help people maintain financial stability. 

If you are unable to make a payment or can only make a partial payment, we just ask that you communicate that to us. We can help you if you let us know. We work hard to find solutions for our customers to fit their budgetary constraints.

The Bottom Line

Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. offers title loans with payment plans that are catered to your needs. Payments are easy to make either online or in-store. 

Our loan specialists work to set you up with payments you can afford. Your loan repayment term will depend on the amount you get approved to borrow. So, if you already applied for your loan and got approved, now you know what to expect for your payment process. If you haven't, head to the homepage now and fill out the title loan inquiry form to get started today.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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