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How to Manage Your Time to Save More Money

Time management is an essential life skill. Why? Because time is an asset that gains value from the way we are using it. Time is literally money; and learning how to handle your time to achieve a good work/personal life balance can improve both your bank account and your emotional wellbeing.

Some very rich business people make as much as $500/hour. You might think that since you make much less money per hour, it’s not important to stop wasting time.

However, even if you earn minimum wage, spending an hour on Facebook and one watching TV translates into wasting money by doing nothing. Even if it’s your free time, it could be invested in something that will help you make more money.

Learn To Better Manage Your Time To Increase Your Money

There are many books, TED speeches, articles, and even classes aimed at helping people improve their time management skills.

Here are the 5 best actions that you can take now, to become better at spending your time.

Decide How Much Your Time Is Worth

It seems silly to put a price on an hour spent doing chores. But actually, knowing how much money you are spending will help you be more efficient and get things done quicker.

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is one of the things we fight with our entire life. We dread going to work so we will wake up late. Does this sound familiar? The time we spend trying not to do what we have to do is time that has no purpose. It’s like having $20 in your hand and not being able to spend it.

Set Your Own Deadlines

It is important to know when you must be finished with something. So, if you are working on a report, make sure that you know when you want it to be done – and no, never is not an option – and stick to that time frame no matter what.

Minimize Time Spent Shopping

Shopping has become a relaxing activity for many of us. Of course, this is what the people in marketing are working towards. If you enjoy your time at the mall, you will be more likely to spend money, so malls do their best to make you waste your time and money inside the shopping center. When possible, shop online – and even then, set a deadline because spending two hours shopping online is still a waste of time.

Minimize Time Spent Traveling

We are not talking about traveling for fun, like a road trip. If you spend an hour driving to work, and another hour stuck in traffic when you are going grocery shopping, that is a lot of time spent. Try to find better alternatives like taking a bus or a train and doing your shopping online while on the bus. Public transportation is underrated.

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Remember These Tips To Better Manage Your Time

No matter how important time is, always remember that quality time with your family and loved ones is priceless, so make sure not to become too extreme with your time-saving techniques and to always remember that your personal life should be the most important time-wise.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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