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5 Ways To Boost Your Chances Of Getting Jobs That Pay Over Minimum Wage

It’s hard to make ends meet when you’re just earning minimum wage, especially if you’re supporting a family. We all want jobs that pay over minimum wage. Honestly, to afford our bills, rent, and other expenses today, we all need those kinds of jobs that pay us over minimum wage.

Check Out These Jobs That Pay Over Minimum Wage

The good thing is that these jobs are not hard to find. If you’re ready to earn more money – and who isn’t? – here are some things you can do so you can find and qualify for those jobs that do happen to pay over minimum wage.

Learn A Trade

Some of the best-paying jobs that pay over minimum wage don’t require a college degree, but they do require a certificate from a vocational school. Some schools will also help you get financial assistance or find jobs after graduation, especially if that job is in high demand.

Shopping for a course? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2022, there’s going to be a big demand for medical assisting jobs like home health aid and medical secretary. If you’re not interested in a science course, you can also earn a lot as a construction manager, elevator installer and repairer, pile driver operator, power plant operator, or aircraft mechanic and technician.

Ask About State Training Programs

One option you have for jobs that pay over minimum wage is to look into state training programs. Call the state employment department to find out what jobs are in high demand in Mississippi. You can also ask if your city has any free job training programs, or if you can be referred to any company or institution that can sponsor you.

Look For Internal Opportunities

Of course, if you’d rather not look for new jobs that pay over minimum wage, just go to your current employer. Ask them if there are ways for you to increase your responsibilities and income within the company. If they already trust you, they may be willing to give you extra work or let you train under somebody as an assistant.

You can also make suggestions for a new project and then ask if you can take charge of it – for extra pay, of course!. Picture this: Larry J. was an office assistant for a local construction company when he made a simple suggestion based on his observations.

He noticed the local business had no digital presence, so he offered to build a website to show all the company’s projects. The manager was so pleased with the work that he got promoted to marketing assistant.

This eventually opened a new career path, with jobs that paid more than minimum wage. Ten years later, he now runs the sales department of a large construction materials company.

Take Online Classes

If you’re too busy to take a formal class, then an online course gives you more flexibility — and a huge number of ways to upgrade your skills so you can qualify for better jobs that pay over minimum wage.

Another scenario: Samantha L. worked odd jobs in restaurants and convenience stores while taking an online course on web design. She took simple freelance design projects on Upwork, built a portfolio, and eventually found a full-time job in a digital marketing agency.

Find And Develop A Niche

Specialists will always earn more than people who are “jack of all trades and master of none.” You can enjoy your job as a daycare worker, but let’s say you needed to earn more money. What do you do?

Let’s say you saw there was a high demand for caregivers for children with special needs. You can learn things like sign language and lip-reading, take workshops on child yoga, and learn art and music therapy for kids with ADHD and autism. Because of your specialized experience, you can earn five times more while doing what you love.


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Get Paid Over Minimum Wage Today

With just a little searching, you can find plenty of jobs that pay over minimum wage. These are just a few options you have to choose from. So if you need a little extra money, remember these jobs and get paid today. And when an emergency hits before your next paycheck comes in, get a payday loan in Mississippi. Fill out our online form to get started on the simple process.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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