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How To Get An Instant Cash Loan

Those who need money fast may want to consider getting an instant cash loan. These types of loans can come in a couple of different forms but the most common types are a cash title loan and a payday loan. 

Both types of loans can get you cash quickly with a decision made as fast as a half hour when applying. 

What Is An Instant Cash Loan?

An instant cash loan is one that where the amount of the loan and the decision can be made within minutes. Private lenders are the best sources for these types of loans because traditional financial lenders tend to take a few days, or even weeks, to evaluate the application and make a decision. 

Instant cash loans are available online with Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. being one of the private lenders with an online inquiry form. 

The amount you get in an instant cash loan depends on variables. It depends on what kind of loan you take out and the eligibility requirements of the loan. A cash title loan is going to probably offer more in money over a payday loan because most have more value in their automobiles than they would have in their next paycheck. 


Cash Title Loans In Mississippi

Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. can issue a vehicle title loan of at least $300 with a maximum loan amount of $2,500. You will need a few things to seek this type of loan including proof of your identity such as a license to drive or a government-issued photo ID. You will also need your vehicle available for an inspection and a clear title that that vehicle. 

You keep your vehicle during the repayment period of the loan. 

Payday Loans In Mississippi

We also have payday advance loans that start at $100 and the amount can go up to $400. You need proof of identity like in a cash title loan but also need a current paycheck stub and a check showing an open account that lists your name on it. 

Signature Installment Loans In Mississippi

We also have a signature installment loan with a maximum loan of $1,250. This type of loan also can be an instant cash loan because you can be approved quickly after applying. The required documents for this type of loan are the same as for a payday loan. 

Benefits Of Mississippi Loans

The cash title loan and payday advance loans are open to both those with good and bad credit. These are loans where this private lender doesn't check credit scores beforehand so even those with lower scores or a lack of credit can apply. 

The signature loan is also open to those with less-than-perfect credit. However, we will check your credit when you apply for it. It's an unsecured loan that is paid out over several months so it does have a slightly different requirement than the other types of loans.

All three types of loans have their advantages. The most money can probably be obtained through a cash title loan, depending on what your vehicle is worth. 

The quickest repayment is going to be using a payday loan as you pay it back with your next check. The signature loan offers more money but stretches out payments over several months, making them less of a blow to your paycheck.

Applying For Instant Cash Loans 


It's a simple process to apply for an instant cash loan with Mississippi Title Loans, Inc.

1. Fill Out The Inquiry Form

The immediate step is to submit some brief information in the inquiry form found on the website no matter which loan you are seeking.

2. Wait For A Call

Someone from a conveniently located office near you will contact you to check your needs and provide you with information about the specific loan you are wanting.

Meet In Person

You will either bring your documents into a local store or, in the case of a case title loan, meet the representative somewhere of your choosing.

3. Final Steps

The representative will validate your items and move from there to the type of loan you are applying for. Those applying for a cash title loan will see the representative inspect their vehicle to determine its value. It's only a short inspection and they will share the amount you are eligible to borrow with you.

4. Get Your Instant Cash Loan

Those who decide to move ahead with the loan will finish with some paperwork. Your money is made accessible quickly either the same day you sign for the loan or the next day that's open for business, no matter what loan option you select. 

Ask For A Call

Getting an instant cash loan begins with submitting an inquiry form on the website. It allows someone to contact you but doesn't commit you to a loan. You can reject any loan offers made. 

An instant cash loan from Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. may be what you need to help you through a tough, unexpected situation. Submit the form to see what options you have.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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