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Can I Apply For An Installment Loan In Greenville, Mississippi With Bad Credit?

Mississippi residents in smaller towns aren't left out when it comes to alternative financing like getting an installment loan in Greenville, Mississippi. All it takes is finding a company that covers the entire state with an installment loan option for those with bad credit

The estimated 29,000 people living in Greenville may not feel like they have a lot of choices in alternative financing. They may see some stores that offer different options but what they want or need is a non-secured installment loan in Greenville Mississippi. Not all alternative lenders offer that. 

What Is An Installment Loan?

An installment loan in Greenville, Mississippi is also called a signature loan. They are unsecured loans that can be an option for those who earn a steady paycheck. It operates the same as a payday loan but with one dramatic difference. Borrowers pay it back in installments rather than one lump sum on their next payday. 

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Who Offers These Loans?

Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. offers signature installment loans and can provide for an installment loan in Greenville, Mississippi. It has stores all over the state and has locations near the area. Our website has a store locator so you can find the store closest to Greenville.

Installment loans with this us has a maximum of $1,250 we can lead to people who can provide:

  • A Mississippi license for driving or other state ID.
  • Proof of income.
  • A personal checking account with their name listed. 

These types of loans can be issued to applicants with both good and bad credit. Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. will perform a credit check before approval but doesn't require perfect or great credit. The main priority is that you have proof of regular income and a checking account. 

Are Installment Loans Different From Bank Loans?

Practically, installment loans aren't any different from personal loans taken out at a bank. You also pay those back in monthly installments. 

The difference is in how the approval decisions are made and how quickly money is in your hands.
Banks will always consider your credit score as a primary factor in approving a loan. They also consider how long you've been at your job and require a host of other details with references. 

Do I Need Good Credit For An Installment Loan?

Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. checks credit but it isn't a determining factor in loan approval. It also won't place a heavy burden on how long you've been working at your job. 

The primary determining factor for an installment loan in Greenville, Mississippi is your pay and your ability to repay the loan. 

A bank loan can take a week or two to get approval while Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. can have a decision in the same visit as your application.

The ease of applying and the quickness in getting cash is why many people prefer an installment loan with this company over going to a bank. It is less stressful than waiting on a loan officer to get a loan decision while you have an emergency that needs funding.

What Can A Signature Loan Be Used For?

A signature loan is a short-term loan that can be used for any type of emergency funding. These are necessary expenses like paying a high utility bill, an unexpected car repair, a home repair, or a child's dental bill. 

Many people find this type of loan helpful in these situations because you don't need collateral to obtain it and paying in installments is easier for some people than paying one time out of the next paycheck. 

Loans given on signature usually offer more money than a payday loan because it is carried out in installments. The repayment plan is listed in the loan terms and agreement. 

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Is Applying Hard?

Applying for an installment loan in Greenville, Mississippi is easy with us. Going to a store to find out more about it isn't necessary. All you have to do is submit an information form online and someone from a nearby store will connect with you.

The store associate answers questions and goes over eligibility requirements. Then, you set an appointment to come into a store to talk to an associate. They will look over everything and help you through an application. 

You could have a decision as soon as a half hour! Your money, once approved, will be available to you either the day you're approved or on the following day of business. It is that easy with this store's no-hassle application process. 

Get More Information

Those living in Greenville do have financing options for emergencies as long as they have a job. Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. has a signature installment loan that could be the right solution for you. 
Submit the online information form and see what we can do to meet your financial needs. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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