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How To Be Charitable On A Low Income

Many of us wonder how to be charitable, but unfortunately, we lack the finances to give to charity. But does that mean it is impossible to be charitable? Not at all!

You can be charitable in many ways, even if you don't have a huge income. In this article, discover what you can do to be more generous this year.

Generosity On Any Budget

Share Your Time

When asking how to be charitable on a low income, you have to keep in mind that charities need more than just money or materials. They also need people that are willing to volunteer their time. Technically, time is money, but if you have free time, you don't lose anything by volunteering it.

There are plenty of ways to volunteer your time:

  • Work at a soup kitchen
  • Deliver food to those in need
  • Clean up local spaces
  • Help out a neighbor or friend with something they need
  • Dogsit for someone close to you

Donate Unneeded Possessions

Money is very important to charity, as are regular resources and materials. Many charities accept donations for just about anything, from furniture to clothes and canned food. You don't have to go out and buy these things if you already have some that you aren't using any longer.

Some people may question if donating their possessions is generous, and detractors may say you're only donating stuff you weren't going to use or won't use any longer.

But it's still charitable! Remember, you may not be using these things any longer, but you could attempt to sell or trade them for personal gain instead of giving them to those in need.

So, it's still charitable to donate your unused possessions because it benefits others.

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Donate Blood

When people ask how to be charitable, they probably don't think about donating blood. However, this is very much a generous action! Giving of yourself for no compensation is the definition of charity.

Hospitals and other medical organizations are always in need of healthy blood to help them treat patients. Just make sure you get clearance from your physician before donating blood. You have to be cleared by a medical professional before you are allowed to give blood.

Solicit Donations From Others

Are you still asking, 'How to be charitable?' Well, charities always need people to spread the good word or advertise for them, which can influence others to be charitable. If there is a charity you care about, you can offer them some of your time to make calls, write letters, or solicit donations from others.

That said, you don't have to volunteer with the charity officially. Even talking about it to friends and family and posting about it on social media can help spread the word and inspire others to donate.

Donate To A Tree Planting Charity

If you are looking into how to be charitable, helping charities plant trees is a cheap thing you can do. Many tree-planting charities accept reasonably small donations: often only a few dollars at most. Even if you have a low income, most people can do their best to contribute.

Even a small donation of a few dollars is usually enough to plant another tree. If you have the environment in mind, this is a great way you can be generous.

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