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Come Over And Experience A Gulfport, Mississippi Christmas

A Gulfport, Mississippi Christmas can help you make some great memories if you take part in these Christmas events. At the second-largest city in the state, there are a lot of events going on over the holiday season. Here are just some of the events you can enjoy this holiday season in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Christmas Events To Enjoy In Gulfport, Mississippi

Magic Of Christmas And Trains

You may not think to put a trip to a model train museum on top of your Gulfport, Mississippi Christmas agenda. However, if you are interested in trains or museums, this experience is awesome. On various dates throughout December, the museum has over 1-million Christmas lights lighting up the area.

They also have a whole host of Christmas decorations to feast your eyes upon. There will also be a variety of vendors. Now, you will need to pay to get into the museum. However, it is going to be 100% worth it and the fee isn't that high anyway.

Gulfport Harbor Winter Lights

If you live in Gulfport, then you will have probably spent a good chunk of your time hanging around Gulfport Harbor. You will almost certainly have seen the Christmas lights in the area. For many people that live in the city, this has fast become one of their Christmas traditions.

There are few Christmas experiences greater than touring Gulfport Harbor and looking at the lights and the various stores. So if you enjoy looking at Christmas lights, this is an event you do not want to miss – especially if you have little kids.

St. Mark's Holiday Market

Can you really have a Christmas without visiting a Christmas market at least once or twice? The St. Mark's Holiday Market is held on the 5th of December at St. Mark's Episcopal Church. There will be plenty to explore at the Christmas Market.

One of the main reasons you’d love to head here is to take a look at the various arts & crafts on display. Some of the finest artists in the area will be displaying their works here. Of course, this is a Christmas market. This means that there is going to be plenty for you to eat and drink too!


Want a good Gulfport, Mississippi Christmas? Fantastic! Here is another Christmas market for you to visit. This one is going to be held the day before the previous market – on December 4th. You will find it at the Mississippi Mercantile Company.

If you are looking for some gifts to give to your friends and family, then this may be one of the better holiday markets to go to. This is because it is going to be completely focused on arts & crafts. It’s a good place to get your shopping done and get your loved ones some custom gifts.

Christmas Drag Brunch

On December 5th, you can enjoy this unique Christmas brunch. Keep in mind this is going to be one of the more expensive events to attend if you want a Gulfport, Mississippi Christmas. It comes in at $50, but you do get food with that.

As the name suggests, this is a brunch where you get to watch a drag show at the same time. It may not be for everybody, but it does go to show just how unique some of the events can be in Gulfport over the holiday season.

Whoville Kids Street Christmas

Want a Gulfport, Mississippi Christmas perfect for the kids? Then you may want to bring them to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center on December 4th. As the name of the event suggests, there is going to be a Dr. Seuss theme to this event.

Stroll through a large area filled with displays and holiday lights. Of course, there are some meetings with Santa and The Grinch too! It costs $3 to get into the event and it lasts around 1.5-hours, which gives you tremendous bang for your buck!


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Have Fun For Your Gulfport, Mississippi Christmas

If you find yourself in Gulfport for Christmas, make sure it is a fun time with these events! They can help you and your family really make some memories this holiday season. And if you are struggling to cover emergency expenses this Christmas, a title loan from Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. could be an option. Inquire now, and you could receive the money that you need soon.

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