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5 Tips For Getting Vehicle Title Loans Online

We all go through emergencies we cannot handle alone. Need to fund an emergency? Vehicle title loans online are an option. But before you learn about our process at Mississippi Title Loans, Inc., you have to know a few things about our vehicle title loans online.

Here Are Some Things You Should Know About Title Loans

An online title loan is a short-term loan that allows you to use your vehicle’s title as collateral. These loans are designed to help you fund emergencies like:

  • Unexpected medical bills;
  • Urgent travel;
  • Home repairs following storms or other natural disasters.

Just remember that these loans are short-term. This means they won’t permanently fix your finances, but they will help you with these kinds of expenses.

Some Questions You Should Ask About Title Loans

While you are researching these loans, here are some questions you should ask us when we speak either on the phone or in person.

Where Is My Closest Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. Location?

The good thing about us at Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. is we have locations all across Mississippi. Use the store locator on our site to find your closest car title loans near me.

What Does Lien-Free Mean?

A lien-free vehicle title means that you are the outright owner of your car, and there aren't any outstanding judgments or loans on it. If your title is not lien-free, you must handle that before you come to see us or you will not qualify.

Does The Car Title Need To Be In My Name?

Just as the title must be lien-free, it must also be in your name. If it isn't, head to the DMV and ask them to transfer the title into your name. Keep in mind that if your name appears with another name, you can still qualify. If the word “and” is between the names, both you and the other person must sign off. If it says “or” then we will only need you or the other person to sign off.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Money?

With our streamlined process, it could take around 30 minutes to finish the process and you can either get the money on the same day or the next bank business day.


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Remember These Tips For Getting Vehicle Title Loans Online

1. Have All Your Documents To Hand

You don't need many documents to receive one of our title loans. But, you should ensure you have everything to hand ahead of time. You don't want to be rushing around when our loan associate needs to see your identification. The items you need are as follows:

  • Your vehicle for a quick inspection to determine how much you could get.
  • Your lien-free title to your vehicle to use as collateral.
  • Your driver's license or a different kind of state-issued photo ID.

Keep in mind that, unlike other loan types, you don't need to be employed to receive a title loan.

2. Know The Accepted Vehicle Types

With us at Mississippi Title Loans, Inc., you can receive a title loan on your car, truck, or van. We do not, however, accept other vehicle types like trailers, boats, motorcycles, or RVs.

The amount of money you receive from your title loans online will depend on the value of your vehicle, but it is capped within the $300 to $2,500 range. We value your car, truck, or van by assessing three factors:

  • The condition of your vehicle.
  • The national average value of the make and model.
  • The assessment performed by one of our loan associates.

We use a set of standardized criteria to ensure we assess every vehicle fairly. And it is free to get your vehicle assessed. So if you want to know how much you could get, you can always come in and have us inspect your vehicle.

3. Consider Your Credit Score

For standard loan types, you need to consider whether your credit score is good enough seriously. However, for title loans online, you don't need to scrutinize your financial history so much — just be aware of it.

While we conduct soft credit searches for large loan amounts, you do not need to have a perfect score to qualify. We welcome all credit types, including the good and the bad. Additionally, we don't report our title loans to the credit bureaus. So, you can rest easy, knowing your new loan won’t affect your credit.

4. Ensure You Get To Keep Your Car

Our title loans allow you to keep your car, but it's always worth checking the parameters of any loan before acquiring it. We also don't ask you to restrict your use of your vehicle while you're repaying the loan. You don't need any more stress on your shoulders when going through crises.

5. Understand The Process Inside And Out

Before you even begin to acquire title loans online, it's worth understanding the entire process. Of course, our loan experts will walk you through everything. But it's always helpful to have a head start.

  1. Complete our form for title loans online. It takes around 5 minutes.
  2. Pick up the phone when one of our loan associates gives you a call.
  3. They will tell you about the whole process and list the documents you need to bring with you during the conversation. Now is also a great time to ask any questions.
  4. Head to the location you agreed upon during the phone call. Don't forget to bring the paperwork we discussed earlier.
  5. Sit down with our loan expert. They will take a look at your identification, confirm your information, and evaluate your vehicle.
  6. If they qualify you for approval, you'll receive the amount you are eligible for the same day as you apply or the next bank business day.


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Acquire Your Vehicle Title Loans Online Now

Why wait another second? When you need emergency cash, just keep the above five tips in mind and acquire vehicle title loans online. When you want to start the process, fill out our online form today.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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