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How Much Can I Get With A Title Loan In Picayune, MS?

A title loan in Picayune, MS offers a large amount of money that you can use for emergency cash flow during rough times. We here at Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. offer up to $2,500 on a title loan, although the amount you qualify for is heavily dependent on the condition of your vehicle, how well it is maintained, and its overall value. Your car is the main determinant of the amount you could qualify for, and if you’re aiming big on a title loan, then you’ll want to keep reading this article.

Learn How Much You Could Get For Picayune Title Loans

As we said, when you apply with Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. for a title loan in Picayune, MS, you could be given up to $2,500 on a title loan. Of course, that’s not just a blanket loan amount we offer to anyone. The minimum we offer is $300, and depending on the value of your car, you might expect to get a loan on the higher or lower end of the spectrum. One of our loan representatives from Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. will evaluate your car based on the following factors:

  • Condition
  • Mileage
  • Age
  • Make and model



The appearance of your car plays into its value. Any dings, dents, or scratches can negatively impact the amount your vehicle is worth – and thus what you can expect to get on a title loan if you are approved. Maintenance is an important part of keeping your vehicle not only looking great but also running well. A poorly maintained vehicle has a compromised value and won’t offer as much on Picayune title loans.


Mileage is another thing we take a look at when we inspect your vehicle because it plays a part in the vehicle’s condition. The higher the mileage, the more likely the internal components of your car are nearing the end of their lifespan — especially once you clock over the 120,000-mile mark. The mileage indicates the need for more frequent services and higher upkeep costs, diminishing the car’s value.


The age of your vehicle also plays a big part in determining its condition at Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. for this kind of loan. If you are wondering why we look at age, it is because, normally, newer cars are worth more than older cars. In fact, if you’re aiming for a higher title loan, consider using a newer car in your or your spouse’s name. Most cars lose more than half of their value in the first 5 years of use, so keep this factor in mind when you’re pursuing a title loan.

Make And Model

Lastly, consider that some models are worth more than others. Luxury brands always fetch a higher return if you need to use them for a title loan, and you can expect to get in the higher range for a title loan if you have one. We here at Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. price cars based on a nationally recognized pricing scale, also including the vehicle’s condition as well to determine how much you could get for a title loan in Picayune, MS.

Why Should You Apply For A Title Loan?

Now that you know how much you could get if you are approved for a title loan in Picayune, MS, you need to know why you are getting this loan. If you plan on getting this loan for frivolous things, this is a mistake. You should only use this loan for emergency situations. This means you need to really think about why you plan on using this loan. Consider a title loan in situations where not paying or not acquiring a service would result in things getting worse. You can use this loan for the following:

  • Home or auto repairs
  • Costly medical bills
  • Business travel
  • Rent or utility payments

For a better example, let’s say you can’t pay your rent on time. Not paying your rent can cause a chain reaction of overdue fees and trouble with your landlord that you definitely don't want. In another example, failing to replace a damaged car part in a timely manner could result in further damage to the vehicle. In these or similar situations, you may consider taking out a title loan to protect your investments.


How To Get A Title Loan With Mississippi Title Loans, Inc.

Getting Picayune title loans is a straightforward process with few requirements. We here at Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. want to make sure you remember all the required items you need, which is why we’ve made the list short. These items allow us to determine if you qualify for approval or not, so it is important we are able to assess these items. Here’s what you’ll need to get started on the process:

  • Driver’s license or state-issued photo ID.
  • Lien-free car title in your name.
  • Your car itself for inspection.

The process for applying is also simple. In fact, you can get through the entire in-person process in a minimum of 30 minutes. This could be longer or shorter depending on if we run into any issues assessing your items, so make sure that your information is squared away so that you don’t run into anything unexpected. Once you are sure your items are good and ready, follow this list to learn the process:

  1. Complete the online inquiry form and have it go to the nearest store.
  2. Wait for a representative to contact you and review the loan details.
  3. Bring your required items to a meeting at a location you choose.
  4. Wait for the representative to verify your items and inspect your vehicle.
  5. If approved, receive your money the same day or the following business day.

Submit Your Online Inquiry Today!

A title loan in Picayune, MS can be a resource during rough financial times, and Mississippi Title Loans, Inc. offers up to $2,500 that you can use at your discretion. Whether it’s a medical bill or overdue rent, you can leverage the value of your car to secure Picayune title loans. Most people don’t realize their car can hold such value, and in any situation where nonpayment or inaction leads to further problems, it can be a lifesaver, so if you need one, fill out the online form!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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