Mississippi woman needs help with vet bills

How To Get Help With Vet Bills In Mississippi

For many pet owners, a “fur baby” is an important member of the family. You feed them, care for them, and give them all they need—and they, in turn, bring so much joy and comfort that you can’t imagine life without them.

However, being a pet owner comes with responsibilities, including giving the proper veterinary care. This includes regular vaccines, or check-ups if they start showing symptoms like fur loss or poor appetite. Some breeds are also prone to chronic conditions and need tests and check-ups to avoid future complications. This means things like title loans can help with vet bills.

Here is an idea of the average cost of veterinary care, and what you can do if there is an urgent treatment.


Dogs will need several vaccines in the first year, though you will need to get booster shots periodically. The recommended vaccines include canine distemper, parvovirus, heartworm, canine hepatitis, kennel cough, and rabies. You will also need leptospirosis and Lyme disease vaccines if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors. Vaccines usually cost about $70 each.

Flea Treatments

Fleas not only cause your poor pooch to itch and scratch, but they can also bring diseases that are more expensive to treat. You can try to prevent this with a special flea and tick powder or shampoo, but if your dog is prone to fleas, you may have to ask your vet for flea pills – a staggering $150 a year – or insecticides like Fipronil – which is $200 a year.

Heartworm Treatments

Heartworms can be very fatal to dogs. Preventive medication can help protect your pet, but if he is unfortunately diagnosed with this condition, the treatments can cost $400 or more.

Ear/Dental Treatments

With proper grooming and diet, you can prevent many ear infections and tooth decay issues. However, if there are complications—or if you have a rescue dog who was previously neglected and needs extensive treatment—you may spend $1,000 or more on veterinary bills.

For example, ear canal surgery can cost about $1,200, and dental surgery, including x rays, anesthesia, and extractions, can reach up to $1,500.

Emergency Treatments

Sudden injuries and diseases can also be very expensive to treat. Unfortunately, these are often the situations where your pet needs immediate veterinary attention to survive.

According to studies, the most common emergency treatment for pets is torn ligaments that cost between $1,500 to $2,000, stomach bloat from poisoning or internal injury that can cost $2,500, accidental swallowing of an object, which leads to a blocked stomach or intestine that costs between $1,500 to $2,000, or a broken leg from a car accident that costs $1,500 upwards.

Some dogs are also prone to some conditions that can progress and require surgery. For example, intervertebral disc disease can cost about $3,500 to treat. Tumors, depending on the size and the location, may need surgery that can cost $1,500 and many follow-up treatments.


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How To Quickly Raise Money To Help With Vet Bills

It can be devastating when your fur baby is sick, injured, and in need of emergency care. But what do you do if you don’t have savings or pet insurance that can help cover those expenses?

You can use a title loan to help with vet bills because you can get fast financial relief. With a Mississippi title loan, you can borrow from $300 to $2,500, and the processing time is so fast that you can get the money on the same day you apply! Here’s what you need to know.

What Is A Title Loan?

Title loans are short-term loans where you use your vehicle’s title as collateral. This includes the title from any vehicle you own like a car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, or RV.

To qualify for a title loan, the vehicle has to be under your name and be lien-free – meaning it has no outstanding loans or other judgments against it. If the car is not in your name or you have loans on your title, you’ll have to go to the DMV and have any issues taken care of.

Do I Need To Have A High Credit Score?

The great thing about auto title loans is you don’t have to have a great credit rating to apply. Unlike traditional bank loans, your credit score does not affect your ability to get a title loan. Whether you have a bad credit history or even no credit history at all, it doesn’t matter! All you need is to be an owner of a vehicle.

What Are The Advantages Of Getting A Title Loan?

When it comes to title loans, there are plenty of advantages you need to know about. Here are a few that will be of interest to you:

  • Minimal requirements. Banks often look at credit rating, income level, and require documents like income tax returns or proof of assets. But with a title loan, the only document you need to present is your car registration and a government-issued ID.
  • You keep your vehicle. Since you are using the title of your vehicle as collateral, you can keep using your vehicle however you see fit. As long as you meet the agreed payment schedules, you can enjoy full use and ownership of your car.
  • Fast application. Do you need to have the money as soon as possible? No problem. An efficient and credible lender like Mississippi Title Loans can complete the processing on the same day you apply.

How To Apply For Car Title Loans

Mississippi Title Loans is known for its fast, simple, and convenient application process. You can go straight to one of our many Mississippi title loan locations in the state, or begin the application online.

  1. Fill out the online form on our website. This takes only a few minutes and all information is confidential and secure.
  2. A title loan representative will call you. They will explain the process, required documents, and arrange for the best time and place for your vehicle inspection. You have the option to go to the store, or to have the representative meet you in a more convenient place.
  3. On the day of the inspection, bring your driver’s license or state-issued ID, your vehicle, and the vehicle title. The loan representative will look at the documents and quickly inspect the vehicle to assess the loan amount you qualify for.
  4. If you do get approved, you will receive the amount you qualify for the same day or the next bank business day.

It’s that simple! To find out more about our loans, head over to our website and get started. The next time you need help with vet bills – or any other emergencies – maybe title loans can be the help you were looking for. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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