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How To Avoid Mistakes When Applying For Auto Title Loans

Auto title loans are a reliable approach to overcoming a range of pressing financial emergencies — if you know the most effective way to apply. With the below tips and tricks, you can rest assured that you are applying for auto title loans in the right way to get the cash you need quickly and easily. Here are ways to prevent common auto title loan application mistakes.

Use This Guide To Avoid These Auto Title Loan Mistakes

Know Exactly What You’re Getting Into

If you’re interested in pursuing auto title loans, it pays to know as much about them as you can ahead of time. Before reaching out to a company, do just a little bit of research. You should be able to easily locate and understand all the requirements for qualification, the exact items a lender will need to see, and what you don’t need to provide.

Go deeper as well. A lender should be upfront about whether your credit will be a factor and other details such as whether you get to keep your car for the loan duration. Be sure to ask to see the company’s privacy policy, too, if it’s not easily located on the website. And keep in mind that when you come to Mississippi Title Loans, Inc., we make sure to provide you with all this information.

Get An Idea Of Exactly What You Need

The amount of an auto title loan you may qualify for varies from company to company. But just because there’s a relatively high auto loan amount available, doesn’t mean you need that full amount. Car title loans should be used only for financial emergencies, so if you need a certain amount, it’s best to stick to the amount you need.

Be sure to also think about what you can repay as well. At Mississippi Title Loans, Inc., you can qualify for auto title loans between $300 - $2,500. If you decided to get our title loan, you must make sure you have the income to support your loan repayments. While we don’t ask for proof of income, you shouldn’t get this loan if you know your income can’t handle the repayments.

Understand The Required Items

Auto title loans always require certain items, and the type depends on the lender. Having the exact required materials will prevent delays in getting the cash you need. For example, at Mississippi Title Loans, Inc., you need your lien-free vehicle title and either have a Mississippi driver’s license or another form of identification issued by the state of Mississippi.

You must own your car outright and you have to be finished making payments on it. Also, be sure to have your vehicle’s title in your name. If it’s not, head to your DMV to get it transferred to your name before pursuing auto title loans. You will also need your vehicle for inspection. A quick inspection is needed to determine how much of a loan you may qualify for.


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Understand What’s Not Required

Don’t bother wasting your time on what you think is required because it’s not a given that it is. For example, a common misconception is that you need to have perfect credit to apply for auto title loans with us. We think differently at Mississippi Title Loans, Inc., and encourage those with all forms of credit to come in. We also do not require you have an active checking account in your name.

Find A Lender With Flexibility

One of the easiest ways to avoid mistakes with applying for auto title loans is having the flexibility to undergo the loan process in multiple ways, especially if one or more is most convenient to you. To begin the auto title loans process at Mississippi Title Loans, Inc., all you need to do is give us a call, visit one of our locations near you, or — better yet — begin the process online with our form.

Simply head to our homepage and fill out the short auto title loans form to get us your basic information. Once you submit the form, one of our friendly loan representatives will give you a quick call to guide you through the rest of the process and what you need to have with you.

From there, you can either have a representative come to a location of your choice or you can bring the required items to a Mississippi auto loan location near you. After the inspection, we will assess your information to see if you qualify for approval. If you do and you agree to the terms and conditions, you receive the cash either the same day or the very next business day.

Get Started With Our Process Today

When it comes to our auto title loans, you might be wondering what is the best way to avoid making mistakes. The quick answer is to go with a company you can trust. At Mississippi Title Loans, Inc., we’re here for you to make this process quick and easy for you to understand. After reading this guide, get started by filling out the online form on our website today.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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