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Top 5 Emergency Repairs That Require Same-Day Cash

Life is full of the unexpected surprises. And, unfortunately, most of these surprises will cost you money.

It’s always crucial to have an emergency fund to cope with these emergencies that always catch you at the worst time. Always plan for an emergency because there are so many things that may need emergency repairs in your car and home.

Just Some Emergencies That Need Quick Response

These five unexpected emergencies are just some that need a quick cash response.

Sewage Backup

Usually, you will smell sewage backup before you know it is there. The waste from your toilet may become blocked and start filling back into your home. With non-functioning toilets, there are not just the unpleasant odors to contend with – but also the danger of airborne contact with germs. Blocked sewage pipes need to be seen immediately by a plumber.

Burst Mains

Various factors can cause a burst main in your home. Some factors include aged pipework, ice in the pipes, cogs, and external forces. Not only is the water loss costly, but it can cause damage to electronics, house structures, carpeting, and furniture. Once there has been significant water damage to your home area, you will need experts to ensure that the damage does not turn to rot, mold, or structural.

Burst Geyser

Due to wear and tear or faulty temperature control, geysers may burst and release a large amount of water. Although geysers have a drip treaty, the burst geyser may release water into your roof and ceiling area. It could cause structural damage, even when switched off at the mains. Burst geysers should be seen as a matter of urgency by a qualified electrician.

Dead Car Batteries

We’ve probably all dealt with a dead car battery. Such a hassle! And many modern cars can’t be jump-started the old-fashioned way, leaving you with no choice but to tow it. While towing can be costly, it could also be essential to keep your car out of harm’s way of traffic or further damage.


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Missing Car Keys

Just like the dead car battery, we’ve probably all experienced disappearing keys. Gone are the days of going to the local locksmith and paying a dollar to have a key cut. If you lose your only set of car keys that are programmed into your car’s system, you are driving nowhere until specialized services or your dealership replaces your keys.


emergency repair requiring same day cash


What Can You Do If You Have No Savings Available?

Suppose you are in Mississippi and are caught unprepared. You have the kind of emergency where you can’t afford to wait till you have money. In that case, you can always consider online loans in Mississippi.

What Is A Car Title Loan?

Car title loans Mississippi Title Loans Inc is a type of secured loan where you place your car’s title as collateral. We then have your title until you are able to fully pay off the loan.

With a title loan, you do not have to leave the vehicle with us; you are free to keep driving, so long as you stick to the repayment plan. The loan amount is based on the value of the vehicle being used at the time of the loan. And, since you are curious, you can qualify for anything between $300 - $2,500.

How Do I Get A Car Title Loan?

Our procedure is pretty straightforward and quick. It begins with you filling out our online form. After, a loan representative from one of our locations will be in touch. You will learn what you have to have, what the next steps are, and answers to any questions you have.

We even give you the option of us coming to you instead of you coming to us. Just search ‘online title loans no store visit’ in Mississippi and we will pop up. You can also choose to come to one of our many Mississippi locations to finish the process.

Whether you choose to come to us or have us come to you, you still have required items and papers to sign. The required items are your ID, your vehicle’s title that is in your name, and your vehicle for the inspection. Once we are face-to-face, we will check your items, see if we can approve you, conduct the vehicle inspection, and have you sign the agreement. After that, you can be on your way either with the cash, or have the cash the very next bank business day.

Next Time You Have An Unexpected Emergency, Prepare With Title Loans

As you can see, any one of these – and many more – emergencies can happen at any time. And they more than likely will happen when you are least prepared. Don’t let it catch you off guard. Get an emergency fund set up. Have a plan in place for dealing with emergencies. And, above all else, don’t forget title loans.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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